The Westville Welcomes You Back
July 8, 2020

Publish Date TBC

2020 has been a year for the history books. A year that affected every single person globally, every

household and every sector of business. Particularly, it brought the tourism sector to a complete

standstill here in Northern Ireland. Although, in those early March days panic and worry were at the

forefront, our team came together to reflect, re-imagine and reposition what we wanted our brand to


From late 2019, we have been working on a detailed plan to rebrand The Westville Hotel which was

originally due for launch in late March 2020. Although Coronavirus had a different path for us. Our team

have used this time to put the finishing touches to our shiny new website to match our fantastic new

branding designed by the brilliant team at Kaizen Brand Evolution, Belfast

There’s a lot more to our new look than you may think. Working along side Kaizen, we have underwent a

complete brand journey which have helped us outline factors such as brand values, brand personality

and what sets us apart from other 4 Star accommodation providers in the Enniskillen and Fermanagh


Our Brand Concept

‘Stay and Explore’

Bringing together the key aspects we wanted to portray with our new brand, tying together our fabulous

accommodation offering at The Westville Hotel and our famous Fermanagh location, our new Brand tag

line ‘Stay and Explore’ was born. Through our rebrand journey, we wanted to focus on everything that

Fermanagh has to offer.

‘Our Logo’

Our brand new logo; simple yet effective. The unique wave symbol represents our island town location

and proximity to all things ‘Lough Erne’. We can begin telling the story of our property and location from

the moment someone see’s our logo. Throughout our new branding we wanted to focus on our central

location within the Fermanagh area, and our relationship to the Lough.

‘ Brand Badges’

Following through from our ‘Stay and Explore’ badge style logo, the following ‘Brand Badges’ were born.

‘Wine and Dine’

Under the tag line ‘Wine and Dine’ you will find all our restaurant and menu options within The

Westville. From our delectable bistro style WV bar menu to event menus, all your eatery needs fall

under the Wine and Dine section of our brand new website.

‘Explore The Caves’

As mentioned above, as we were going through the rebrand process, we knew we wanted to focus on

the beautiful and unique surroundings of County Fermanagh. One of our most famous visitor sites, The

Marble Arch Caves and other similar outdoor activities will fall under this heading

‘See The Island’

What many visitors may not know, is that Enniskillen is Ireland’s ONLY Island town. With a multitude of

outdoor activities, award winning restaurants and a wide range of shopping- from local stores to high

street brands, Enniskillen has so much to offer the visitors to her shores. All things Enniskillen can be

found under the ‘See the Island’ tab on our website.

So there we have it, a small insight into the rebranding and rebuilding of our new brand concept and


What do you think of our new look branding and website? We’d love to hear your feedback. Follow us

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