Pet Friendly Holidays: Bringing Your Furry Friends to Enniskillen

1 June 2024

Enniskillen is a fantastic destination for pet owners looking to enjoy a holiday with their furry friends. With its scenic landscapes, welcoming accommodations, and numerous outdoor activities, Enniskillen ensures a memorable experience for both you and your pet. Here are some tips and recommendations for planning a pet-friendly holiday in Enniskillen.

1. Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Enniskillen Watersedge Self Catering Apartments

  • Why It’s Great: These apartments offer pet-friendly options, providing spacious and comfortable living areas where your pets can feel at home. With easy access to outdoor spaces, it’s perfect for walks and playtime.

Killyhevlin Lakeside Hotel & Lodges

  • Why It’s Great: Killyhevlin offers pet-friendly lodges with stunning views of Lough Erne. The extensive grounds are ideal for walking your dog, and the hotel provides amenities such as pet beds and bowls.

Lusty Beg Island Resort

  • Why It’s Great: This resort allows pets in their self-catering lodges and offers plenty of outdoor space for pets to explore. The island setting provides a tranquil environment perfect for a relaxing holiday with your pet.

2. Outdoor Activities and Walks

Castle Coole

  • Why It’s Great: This National Trust property offers beautiful woodland and lakeside trails where dogs are welcome on leads. The expansive grounds are perfect for a leisurely stroll with your pet.

Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail

  • Why It’s Great: Known as the “Stairway to Heaven,” this trail offers breathtaking views from the top of Cuilcagh Mountain. Dogs are welcome on leads, but be prepared for a long walk and bring plenty of water for both you and your pet.

Lough Navar Forest

  • Why It’s Great: Lough Navar Forest features scenic drives and walking trails with stunning viewpoints. It’s an ideal location for walking your dog and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

Florence Court

  • Why It’s Great: Another National Trust property, Florence Court offers extensive grounds and woodland trails that are perfect for dog walking. Dogs are welcome on leads, and there are plenty of spots for picnics and relaxation.

3. Pet-Friendly Cafés and Restaurants

The Jolly Sandwich

  • Why It’s Great: This café in Enniskillen offers outdoor seating where pets are welcome. Enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch while your pet relaxes by your side.

The Crowes Nest

  • Why It’s Great: The Crowes Nest is a beloved local pub with a friendly atmosphere, welcoming dogs in their outdoor seating area. Enjoy hearty meals and traditional fare while spending time with your furry friend.

4. Local Pet Services

Fermanagh Veterinary Clinic

  • Why It’s Great: Located in Enniskillen, this veterinary clinic offers comprehensive services for your pet’s health needs during your stay.

Pet Grooming by Pauline

  • Why It’s Great: This grooming service in Enniskillen ensures your pet looks and feels their best during your holiday. They offer a range of grooming options tailored to your pet’s needs.

5. Safety Tips for Traveling with Pets

  • Pack Essentials: Bring your pet’s food, water, bowls, leash, waste bags, bed, and any medications they may need.
  • Keep Hydrated: Ensure your pet has access to fresh water, especially during walks and outdoor activities.
  • Respect Local Rules: Follow local regulations regarding pets, including leash laws and pet-friendly areas.
  • ID Tags: Ensure your pet wears an ID tag with your contact information in case they get lost.
  • Check Ahead: Confirm pet policies with accommodations and restaurants before your visit.

6. Pet-Friendly Attractions

Devenish Island

  • Why It’s Great: Take a boat trip to Devenish Island, where dogs are welcome to explore the ancient monastic site. It’s a unique and enjoyable experience for both you and your pet.

Erne Water Taxi

  • Why It’s Great: Enjoy a pet-friendly water taxi tour of Lough Erne, where your dog can join you on the scenic ride. It’s a great way to see the sights while keeping your pet close.

With its welcoming atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, and a variety of pet-friendly accommodations and activities, Enniskillen is an excellent destination for a holiday with your furry friend. Enjoy the best of what this charming town has to offer, and make lasting memories with your pet by your side.

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