Sister Property Spotlight: The Firehouse Bar & Grill

2 October 2023

Delicious Dinner at The Firehouse Enniskillen

Situated in the midst of County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, this destination calls out to travelers in search of a peaceful and idyllic escape. Opting for a self-catering retreat in this captivating town is an excellent decision, and Enniskillen Watersedge Apartments shine as a true treasure in the realm of self-catering accommodations. In this segment, we will delve into what makes Enniskillen Watersedge Apartments the perfect sanctuary away from home and why adding a visit to our sister property, The Firehouse Bar & Grill, can enhance your experience.

A Culinary Adventure Awaits

If you’re seeking a culinary adventure in the heart of Enniskillen, look no further than The Firehouse Bar & Grill. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a gastronomic journey that will ignite your senses and leave you craving more.

A Local Favourite

Ask any local in Enniskillen where to find the best food in town, and you’ll likely hear one unanimous answer – The Firehouse. This eatery has earned a reputation for excellence that extends far beyond its cosy confines. It’s a place where food is not just cooked; it’s crafted with passion and creativity.

Firehouse Flavours That Speak Volumes

The Firehouse prides itself on offering a menu that speaks volumes through its diverse and flavourful dishes. Whether you’re a fan of traditional stone-baked pizzas, fired to perfection in their pizza oven, or you prefer the smoky goodness of dishes prepared in their famous Bertha oven, you’re in for a treat. From grilled steaks that melt in your mouth to juicy burgers that redefine burger perfection, there’s something for every palate.

A Gathering Place for All Occasions

One of the most charming aspects of The Firehouse is its versatility. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a gathering place for all occasions. Planning a birthday party? The Firehouse is the perfect venue. Want to catch up with friends over a hearty meal? Look no further. Even a family dinner takes on a special meaning when shared in the warm and inviting atmosphere of The Firehouse.

Firehouse Bar & Grill: Awards and Recognition

At The Firehouse Bar & Grill, our commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. We are proud to share our recent accolades that highlight our dedication to providing a remarkable dining experience:

LCN 2023 Restaurant of the Year Awards Finalist

Being named a finalist at the prestigious LCN 2023 Restaurant of the Year Awards for two consecutive years is a testament to our consistent pursuit of culinary excellence. It reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering top-notch dining experiences that captivate our patrons.

Winner at the Northern Ireland Hospitality Awards – Best Casual Dining Restaurant

We are thrilled to have received the esteemed title of “Best Casual Dining Restaurant” at the Northern Ireland Hospitality Awards. This recognition underscores our dedication to creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for our guests, where they can savor delectable cuisine in a relaxed setting.

These awards are not just symbols of our success but also tokens of gratitude to our valued patrons who have made our journey possible. We look forward to continuing to delight your taste buds and create memorable moments at The Firehouse Bar & Grill.

Join Us Today

Come and experience our award-winning cuisine for yourself. Book a table at The Firehouse Bar & Grill and discover why we have been recognised as one of the best dining establishments in the region. Your culinary adventure awaits!

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